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Can you tag the game's platform so I could use the itch app to downlaod it?

Done. I totally thought I did that already, thanks for pointing it out!


This game is amazing, here is the gameplay of me beating the Special if you are curious about what is different

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My only regret is that I'll never see how the Special story unfolds, because I'm just not special enough.


1+1 = ⑨ XD


I loved it, by all means please make another bullet hell in the future. The dialogue made had me screaming with laughter. The characters look rather nice but the backgrounds outside of the  water looked bad.

since I don't know how to draw and spent maybe 10 minutes per graphical asset tops during the game jam time crunch, I would say that all the art looks bad!


Friccin adorable. The visuals were great, the gameplay was slick, responsive, and you really had a lot of control over what you were doing. It felt very nice. Story was cute as heck too.


Above all else, the art really shines through here for me. The UI and character sprites are so cute and easy to read, and I feel the mechanics are well thought out and designed. And the concept of love being the new form of spell card dueling is well-implemented!


The part just before Moukou was really hard, but I ended up finding a safe spot on the edge of the screen. :whistles:

Such fun dialog and pleasing graphics. Cirno embarrassed at herself XD

There are actually a lot of very big gaps in that pattern, it's mostly just an intimidation tactic haha

I left in a lot of safe spots for almost every pattern just to reward the people who can find them!


WELL I WAS INTIMIDATED :cirno_reaction_2:


This is so adorable, I thoroughly enjoyed playing it!


I think this is pretty well made! I enjoyed it. (plus it's funny and addorable)