Update Soon(?)!

A juicy overhaul hard-mode update is being worked on for players who want a bit more danmaku in their danmaku game.


  • Cirno - Summer Tan Forme
  • A couple new baddies to shoot hearts at
  • At least 150% more bullet
  • Lotsa tweaks and bugfixes which you might not even notice
  • An easy mode, so more people can get to the ending

It's basically mostly done by now, there's just a couple more things to work out (do I wanna add another ending? do I wanna give Mokou summertime outfit sprites too?!) and I'll put it out there, but when this happens will be a mystery surprise (even for me)


Lovely Fairy Action.exe 10 MB
Jun 23, 2019
LovelyFairyAction.zip 12 MB
Jun 23, 2019

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