Update... Now!

It's Cirno Day today, so I figured I ought to kick my rear into gear and get that update out already.

Special Mode adds not only a difficulty increase for those who may have wanted a bit more of a challenge, but a whole host of changes to the look and sounds of the game. There's more enemy types (including several more Touhou characters in place of a few of the nameless fairies), a new ending, new music... Try it out!

And, for the people who couldn't finish the original game and missed out on some stuff in the original game, there's a new Relax Mode with more generous healing,  a bit of a power boost to Cirno's shots, and a checkpoint in the final boss battle.

Naturally there's a bunch of other less noticeable updates along with this (QoL changes and bug fixes, the usual).


Lovely Fairy Action SP.exe 12 MB
Sep 09, 2019
Lovely Fairy Action SP.zip 12 MB
Sep 09, 2019

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OMG ⑨ is the best! So cute!!!