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i rly love this game. cant wait for it to be finished.
im diligently advertising/recommending this game to ppl.
got quite a few ppl interested in the game as well who wanna see it when its done.


My main project has been taking away a lot of the time I'd like to be able to spend finishing this one, so it may take a while, but I'll do my best!


What's the main project, I would love to check it out

Slay the Dark Evil Queen; there's a demo available for it but it's quite outdated by this point

When do you estimate its release date

Hard to say, my estimates always end up being way off. Really would like to have it done this year, though


This was such a joy to playthrough. Absolutely loved the engine and gameplay physics, and best of all got to play as Shanghai! Extremely satisfying combat that does the feeling of 'hitstun' right and the impact of each blow following up. I played on Fighter because this looked like a game I wanted to get the absolute most out of and I definitely did. I would pay for a full game. Good luck in the rest of your game development endeavors, and thank you for such a magnificent experience. Such originality.

Of the stuff I've worked on, this style of slash-n-dash action RPG combat might be my favorite, so I'll definitely return to it again with a full commercial-size project someday. I'll probably do more with the first-person dungeon crawl side of things someday too, though with an entirely separate project, haha


This is so cool!!!! You're killing it as always

I beat the demo. I didn’t have any bugs but I think some kind of bar or indicator to show how many hits it’ll take for an enemy to stagger would be pretty nice!

Other than that, and maybe some treasures on the map… great game!


I would've loved to be able to include items and stuff but there was no way I was squeezing that in before the jam deadline, and unfortunately it might be too late to go back and try to fit them in now.

Stagger bars would make sense, I'll try to think about how I could go about doing that

I'm experiencing a bug where the character gets stuck in an attack animation and can't get out of it until an enemy hits them and forces knockback. I'll post a video link in the bug report.