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Something stirs in the early morning...

An ethereal crowing is heard...

It's a really big chicken that wants its egg back, but is just too afraid to do anything by itself. It's up to Kutaka to save the day, dashing, fluttering, and PUNCHING her way through obstacles and rival myth-birds!

Made for Touhou Fan Game Jam 5

Code, Art, Design, Writing - Fiore

Sounds - Also Fiore, but some from RPG Maker

Music - RJM

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(20 total ratings)
GenrePlatformer, Action
TagsCute, Fast-Paced, Female Protagonist, Touhou


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Short, but fun and with a fun asthetic.


This is very fun, stop making the best games ever

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I made an account just to leave a comment. I've been speedrunning this game for awhile now and it's still pretty fun. The movement is really fluid and Yuyuko was a fun boss to optimize. I found a few skips as well... (my best time so far is 2:31)

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Very neat! I definitely built the game's moveset  and level designs with speedrunning in mind, so it's great to hear that someone's doing it. If you get a really good time, I'd love to see a video of it and I could maybe offer some inside knowledge on the mechanics if you're interested.

By the way, my own personal best is 1:58 ;)

Oh cool! I have videos of my attempts, but I don't think I can shave 30 seconds with my current strats. Uh, to say what I already know, I know that you can basically fly over the tutorial area and that you can cancel dashes into jumps, as well as use this to get a lot of speed going up walls. I also know that you can double jump without using up an air jump if you do it fast enough (same as walking off a platform), and that if you have 3, you can use this to get past the part with the 3 cockatrices, without punching the thunderbird, but I haven't found this to be faster since 3 jumps requires too many eggs. For yuyuko I use dashes in phase 1, 2 dashes and 2 charge punches in phase 2, 2 charge punches in phase 3, and 5 dashes and 1 charge punch for each part of the last phase. (Sorry this kinda turned into a wall of text.) Anyways, if you have some insight that would be great! Also, I could show you my best time, but I think I'd have to upload it to youtube in order to do that, so it might take a bit of time.


Tough to come up with advice until I can see what you've already got, might be a skip you missed, perhaps? Other than that, the biggest time saving tech I was gonna offer is that you can do this with very precisely timed dash-cancel wallruns, but you might already know this haha


I'll post a link to a Youtube video of my best run, but I want to get my time down a little first since my current best still has a lot of mistakes.


I registered just to rate and comment this entry. What an amazing game.

Loved everything: the gameplay, the controls, the visuals, the music, the enemies, the little chickens following you around, the silliness of the big birdo, Kutaka's idle animation and the use of the theme too. It's perfect!

If I had to nitpick anything, it would be the scenery could had some props in the solid blocks to not be all brown and green squares but holy crap! This was made in 72 hs, that's easily forgivable. This has the potential to be a full-lenght game I would totally buy.


yeah, as per my usual game jam approach I sacrificed a lot of graphical polish and background work so I could spend as much time on the gameplay as possible, just how it's gotta go when I'm doing almost everything by myself ;)


This game was incredibly fun I enjoyed the story and it does a really good job of making you have to fully understand the mechanics to progress and think through obstacles. This game is a nice break from platformers that are insanely difficult because they require frame perfect jumps to progress. The story and the final boss fight were super cool too! my full play through here: