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Elite agents Sanae and Reimu (who also happen to be dating) are tasked with putting a stop to the mysterious Neo-Underworld's "Weapon," but there's more to this situation than meets the eye.

With Reimu temporarily out of action, Sanae must make use of all her skills to triumph against the Weapon and a tower full of baddies, and rescue her girlfriend along the way!

Slash and dash through robotic enemies, dodge through danmaku in bullet-time, rack up combos to increase your Power level, pinpoint a boss's openings and dance through their moves to counterattack with perfect timing.

Action and romance! Can even a killer android find love?

A Touhou Project fangame, made for Touhou Pride Game Jam 2

Code, Design, Art, Writing - Fiore

Music, Sound Effects - Gubbles

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(22 total ratings)
TagsCute, Fast-Paced, Female Protagonist, GameMaker, Hack and Slash, Lesbian, LGBT, Pixel Art, Touhou


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I couldn't stop laughing when I saw the character's conversation. SE when avoiding is cool!! I like this game:D


very fun. excellent art, music and sound design. i liked that i could enjoy the game without knowing anything about touhou. can't believe people make games this good in jam amounts of time. kudos


This was so much fun holy shit, I love the counter mechanic involving your trail and I love the momentum with the extra action.

The nuts stuff the game lets you do with bosses is great, you're great at making entertaining and addicting action


I know nothing about Touhou, but this game is outstanding!


It is amazing in all the way of design. The action is very satisfied with the slow motion when dodge and the aiming attack. I love the revive point idea. Especially in Lunatic, when i played at the first time, I could die a ton of times. Btw, i just faced a bug. When fighting with ALICE, the minion went all the way up out of the view and it never comes back down. So i had to restart. Anyways, good job!


Oh my god. Just. Pure. Raw. Delight.

The music really spoke to me, the graphics were perfect, the combat really fluid and fun. The dialog was just... so good.

Like, if I have to complain about something, it's that at one point I got hit by a bullet while the camera was yanked off somewhere else and I couldn't see my character.


This is impressive!! I can't believe you created this in only two weeks, it's so polished. Super fun gameplay, dialogue had my in tears laughing (you know the line), and great music to set the mood. Thank you for all your hard work on this!


Amazing game! I absolutely loved it


(OWO) Just finished the game!! i liked the gameplay plus cute character redesigns. I'm a fan of Alice X Marisa, but its a quite surprise (and i do love surprises) Alice X Utsuho pairing (OAO)!!! 

also thanks for:

  • generic controller compatibility
  • action-arcade-beat-em-up gameplay (OWO) i love those
  • music is awesome too Neo-Gensokyo theme
  • game modes (OAO), didn't finish Lunatic btw am baby ( UwU)

i give 10/10 ( OwO)b good job you guys


Just finished it in Lunatic, it's an amazing game, very cute and stylish graphics, the dialogues are fun and gay (as they are supposed to be), gameplay is the best part, I may be wrong on this, but was this inspired by Crosscode? Sanae attacks were very similar to Crosscode and Utush0 3-jump attack was very similar to The Designer attack from Crosscode as well.
The story was kind of confusing but in a Touhou way, you know smug Reimu and all that things and with some mysteries left to be solved.
Only thing that felt lacking was a reward for playing Lunatic but I can't complain that to a Jam game. 10/10 would pay for a bigger version of this game


Gameplay inspiration is 1 part Cross Code (though I've yet to play much of it) and 2 parts Lucah: Born of a Dream, from which I borrowed a bunch of ideas like the slow-motion dodges, enemy attack telegraphs, and the automatic lock-on system.

The extra dialog scene that takes place after your screenshot is only there if you're on Lunatic mode. So yeah, not a huge reward, but it's something.


I didn't know that it was a bonus! It's a very nice reward I will gladly take it, congratz for both you and Gubbles for the game! Never heard of Lucah, I will take a look into it since it interested me a lot, you should try getting to the end of Crosscode it's a hidden gem as well 



So cute and hard heuheuheu