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One night, around half the people in The Continent (it's a pretty laid-back place, nobody really cares to give it a name) receive a mysterious dream. A rather flustered angel broadcasts a "prophecy" to as many people as she can:

"Your world is like, totally doomed. ...Yes, again, but like for real this time!"

Well, this isn't really anything out of the ordinary. There's always some Dark/Evil/Cursed King/Queen/Princess or another raising a fuss in The Continent, some heroines will show up and take care of it eventually.

But who will step up to the plate this time? A medieval knight, a tomboy with a baseball bat, a ninja, a magical girl... what's going on with this setting? Just, in general. What a strange place.

Six women from all around The Continent team up to take on the Dark Evil Generals, storm the Dark Evil Castle, and take down the Dark Evil Queen for what might finally be the last time!

A cute, colorful, light-hearted and relaxed turn-based RPG set in a quaint little fantasy world with only one continent, where humans and monsters have made some compromises to live together in relative peace... at least until the current head of the Dark Evil Royal Family decides to try starting yet another apocalypse.

Will Feature:

  • Action and drama, comedy and romance (of the sapphic variety)!
  • No RTP graphics or music (work in progress, there are still a lot of placeholders in the current demo)
  • 6 playable party members with plenty of possible synergies and powerful team combinations
  • Over 150 different monsters and 40 boss battles, ranging from silly little tussles to truly challenging confrontations
  • No grinding or pointless backtracking, no overly long dungeons or damage-spongy bosses, and plenty of avoidable encounters
  • Customizable difficulty settings to make the game easier—or much, much harder—whenever you feel like it

Made in RPG Maker MV

This game is currently in development. It's a commercial project, and will be around $10-12 on release.

The current demo covers the first 2-3 hours of the game, and while save data won't directly carry over to the final version, I'll include premade save files at the end of each chapter so you can still start where you left off.

In the meantime, here are some links you can use to follow the game's ongoing development or check out some members of the dev team:

Fiore's Twitter -Programmer, artist, writer, etc. I post updates here sometimes.

Gubbles' Twitter & Website - Composer of several tracks

FireLily Games Discord - Frequently posted updates on anything that Fiore is working on, including occasional playtest builds. Lurkers are welcome, too!

Steam page? Kickstarter? Patreon? Other stuff? Maybe.

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
TagsComedy, Cute, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Lesbian, LGBT, Pixel Art, RPG Maker, Turn-based


Beta Demo v1.1.2 254 MB

Development log


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Going live and giving much needed appreciation to that awesome game :3


Got to the third chapter in my first sitting! It's incredibly charming. The art and the humor speak to eachother really well, and I laughed and snickered at quite a few moments.

My only feedback is it felt a bit battle heavy (I chose the middle difficulty option)- I did enjoy the battle system a lot! But there were some parts where I feel like the pacing of it was "too many battles in too short of a time between making progress". I think specifically in the second forest zone- I should've written it down but forgot :\

Anyways, thank you for making this, I will keep playing and look forward to your final release!


I think I get what you mean, yeah. I can think of a bunch of encounters that I could probably take out without losing anything,  though that would mean that quite a few monsters will only show up in a single encounter, and I'd have to deal with the EXP curve again. Not that I can't work with that, but I worry it might feel a bit weird. I'll give it a look at least, thanks a bunch for the feedback!

I will say though: on the standard difficulty level, you can definitely run past/away from a significant number of encounters and still beat most of the bosses without too much of a struggle, if that helps any


OMG this game is so good please put it on Nintendo Switch when you're done. If it comes out on Switch imma gift it to my nephew and be like "Hey kid I heard you like Deltarune, check this out"


A Switch port would be pretty cool, but as far as I know there isn't a way to port games made with this engine to consoles without fully remaking the whole thing

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Aww Sad, I've seen some games that I thought were RPG maker games on the Switch, Ara Fell for example, but maybe they're not actually RPG maker games. (edit: turns out Ara Fell got ported to Unity somehow then released on Switch)

Maybe if it gets released on Steam I can get it for my nephew on Steam Deck, he's getting one for his b-day.


Yeah, from what I understand, the latest version Ara Fell is indeed a full remake from the ground up. Totally understandable, the limitations of RPG Maker are rough (next time I make an RPG, I'll write my own engine in GameMaker or something, haha)

Steam release is definitely planned for this game though


You've done an awesome job with, I wish you lots of luck :D


Just commenting again to say how much I love this game and everything you did with it and look foward to it's full release. If it had a custom game icon I'd have a really hard time even telling it was an RPGmaker game, it has big Earthbound vibes too :D

Ok this may seem like an extremely dumb question but how do I buy the full game? I try looking for it in google and all I find are demo links.

And, if it's on steam, is there any alternative to Steam? Because, I know it's not on GoG, but I'm having issues with my steam account right now.

Mainly, I want to keep this specific computer in offline mode to preserve my settings because I converted it to controller operated gaming console

And my other newer much better computer is being sent in for repairs after Total War: Warhammer 3 melted my GPU, so I thought this might be a fun game to play in the meantime.


It's still in development. There's currently no definitive release date, but it'll definitely be at least a few months yet, sorry!

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Oh ok thank you, I was confused by the demo tag but I think I understand now. When it's finished I hope you sell it on GoG I will definitely buy it twice (once on Steam when my system is repaired, once on GoG for my niece), the Demo is amazing.


In addition to my playthrough of this demo, This Game (Commercial) project, is a prime example of what we need in rpgs maker projects. The main attraction to this game is the Characters. Each character has their own unique personality with in the story and the developer has done an excellent job writing them. The Battles were fun and quick, but was a joy to see the custom animations and the customization in the sprites when the suffer either a casualty or heavy damage. Beautiful maps and Some music were a joy. There were also points where some dialogue felt like filler and didnt really fit in to the story but given the nature of the game, its really Cute!!!! You guys and girls will definitely enjoy this one!


We about to go live and show some love

Very cute game!


Only played a little bit, but the characters are charming and the graphics are great, I can't wait to see more!