Is this game dead yet?

It's not!

I realize it's been nearly a year since the last devlog post, saying that I was just about done. Stuff happened, things got complicated, but as of currently I can say that the game is being worked on again.

There will be somewhat of a change in direction; I'm adding several more levels and bosses, more characters and story content, moving towards turning this into a full game (albeit still a relatively short one, I'm thinking somewhere around 9 stages and a few more bosses). No promises on an ETA just yet, but I'm workin' on it.

This also means that the game will have a price tag on it when it's fully completed, probably somewhere between $5-10, we'll see how things go.

I know everyone and their mother has a discord server these days, and you probably don't wanna load up your server list, but the best way to follow my progress on the game, where I will be most active in posting what I'm working in, is our discord server. No worries if you just wanna lurk, we won't judge.

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NICE! biggest fan here #AnistalBastionBiggestFanThankYou