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Katy, a skilled mech pilot and member of a four-woman unit of fellow pilots, is dragged back into action when her allies and former friends are reported to have gone rogue. Fight through three challenging levels and bosses with the Red Rabbit mech, and kick some sense into Katy's friends... with the power of love of course!

All gameplay content was initially developed during the two months of Yuri Jam 2018. The game is essentially complete, though missing some graphics, cutscenes, and dialog.

If you want to follow our development and be notified when the game is fully released (it'll still be free!), or talk about possible fixes or improvements to the game, come stop by our discord server! It's okay if you only come there to lurk too, we don't mind.


What sort of updates can be expected? Well, first of all, there's a lot of obvious missing sprites and graphics. Next, through testing and feedback I plan to balance the boss fights a bit more, as well as squash some bugs. Finally, and most importantly, there's a lot of dialog and story content to be added, with more cutscenes, and visual novel-esque segments that go more in depth with the relationships between Katy and the other girls, as well as their backstories and the continuation of the plot.

The Dev Squad:

Programming, Art, Design - Fiore

Music - Alice Latte 

Sound Effects - Gubbles


SuperBunnyKick [Updated Version] 15 MB

Development log


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fun just hoping in later versions either controller support or a way to bind the keys as i found the normal way uncomfortable

there is controller support in the currently downloadable version. keybinding coming eventually


Thank you


Really fun, tight platforming! It feels super responsive and the momentum is just right. I'm looking forward to more story scenes. Madeline, however, is still significantly more difficult than the rest of the game. Currently, I'd be totally happy with her as is if that was a hard mode, but she is a little much for what everything else leading up to her is like. Still, an amazing game jam game, and I would straight up pay a good amount of real money if it had, like, a Mega Man number of stages. Maybe a sequel?

expanding on the game with 3 more mech bosses, plus a couple run and gun stages with Katy outside her mech, was definitely something I've considered. though, if that happens, it'll probably be pretty far in the future. I totally burned myself out on this game with how intensely I worked on it during the 2 months of the jam, plus some extra personal drama that happened alongside it, ahaha...

that said, I will definitely try to get those story scenes done as well as some hefty balancing efforts in on Madeline, though it'll probably be taking a little bit of a backseat in priority to another game that I had already been working on since before the jam

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I'm not at all surprised you burned yourself out, considering how much is there already! You've got one hell of a game here already, and I will be replaying it, regardless of updates. It feels like you've got such a good framework here that I'd really love to see a larger finished product that i could throw money at. Just sayin' ;). But take all the time you need, it can't have been easy


Very fun game! I enjoyed it a lot, even if it was really brutal at times. (Madeline)

I'm looking forward to updates!

Madeline is the boss with the least playtesting (was working on her right up until 4 hours from the game jam deadline), so I definitely hope to have her balanced out a bit more by the game's completion, haha